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Chances are you’ve heard of Pinterest. I mean, it seems like everybody and their mothers are talking about the hottest new social trend since, well Google +. But is this social content curation platform right for you and your business?

First off, what is it?

Basically, Pinterest is a way of visually bookmarking images you find online and organizing those images. Think of it as a vision board or a virtual scrapbook – you have categories or ‘boards’ and can ‘pin’ images onto those boards. These boards are public and people can ‘follow’ them, ‘like’ your pins and even ‘re-pin’ your pins onto their own boards. Got it?

Is this just a passing fad?

As with any new social platform, you need to investigate their staying power before investing any effort and resources. Pinterest is currently the fastest standalone website to reach 10 million unique visitors per month. It beat Google +, YouTube and LinkedIn combined for referral traffic and is quickly closing in on Twitter as well. With numbers like that, Pinterest has definitely proven to naysayers that they are here to stay.

Is Pinning a right fit?

So, it comes down to whether or not you should pin. Because Pinterest is a visual pinboard, it works best for businesses that have visual products. Clothing stores, restaurants, cosmetic lines, and arts and crafts do really well because they are able to pin existing images of their products that they sell. That’s not to say that service based businesses don’t do well on Pinterest because some do (wedding planners, photographers, caterers, travel writers) – you just need to be more creative in the images that you pin.

The most common ways businesses use Pinterest is:

  • Promoting products. Create a virtual catalog that links each pin back to the individual product pages. The description field for each pin is SEO friendly so be sure to fill it full of important keywords. Also, don’t forget to include a price using $ because Pinterest will generate a price label for your pin.
  • Market research. Quickly determine what products people are interested in by their ‘re-pins’ or ‘likes’.
  • Drive traffic back to their websites!

Utilizing Pinterest to its fullest potential will take effort and may not be the right fit for everybody… but using it can also pay off handsomely. It’s up to you.

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